Our Story

Cynologie was established in September 2020 to provide a destination for creative dog mamas and papas who want to celebrate the unbreakable bond with their canines through classic and timeless matching accessories. 

The name is inspired by my Greek heritage and love for ancient languages, with a modern french twist.  Our collections feature hair styling accessories, face coverings and scarves with matching bandanas or snoods for your pups.  

The idea grew from being uninspired by the options currently available, I wanted to offer something different.  Having worked in fashion retail and e-commerce for almost 10 years, I decided to take this experience and make my dog brand dream a reality. 

My muse is a 3 year old JackChi by the name of Luna Bean Bambi.  This tiny little creature brings an immeasurable amount of happiness to me, my family and friends.   She straight up stole my heart from day dot.

Through Cynologie, I aim to brighten the everyday with humour and style.   It's amazing to see the joy matching your dog brings to the people you meet. 

Thank you for supporting small. Every order, like and comment means the world.  The dog loving community is truly made up of the best kind of people. ​

Dog mamas and papas, remember the world is your runway so make sure you're maxing out matching!


Founder of Cynologie